Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Urthel Hop-It Belgian Superior Hoppy Blond Ale

This is a very interesting beer - a Belgian style ale with lots of hops. I hesitate to call it an IPA, but it has some of those characteristics - lots of hops, high alcohol level. Accoding to the website www.urthel.com, this beer was created after the brewer made a trip to the US Northwest and tried some of our IPA's. It was actually brewed in the Netherlands by De Koningshoeven. It poured a golden color with a big fluffy head, typical of a Belgian ale. It also had plenty of carbonation, and an alcohol level of 9.5% - all characteristic of a Belgian strong ale. The one difference was the level of hops, which was much higher than most Belgian golden ales I've tasted. The finish was dry. I really enjoyed this one. If the price was a little more attractive, I could handle a six-pack of it - but then I wouldn't have anything new to write about for 5 days.

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