Friday, September 5, 2008

Lukaya Beers Two Tail Pale Ale

I saw this beer in the local wine and ale shop and was immediately drawn to the picture. Not many beers have photos of dogs on the label, so it caught my attention. I had also never heard of Lukaya Beers before. The name is drawn from the names of the two dogs, Lucy and Kaya. What's interesting is that the bottle says that the beer is "Bottled for the Hmieliewski family by Florida Beer Company, Melbourne, FL". Is this a family of homebrewers that designed this beer? I don't know, but I think it's a pretty good beer. It poured an amber-orange color with a good-sized cream-colored head. It had a piney-citrusy smell from the hops. It's a pretty hoppy American Pale Ale. It had a medium body with a little bit of caramel and malt sweetness. All in all, a very enjoyable beer. According to their web-site -, they are bringing out some additional seasonal beers soon.

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