Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kasztelanski Polish Mead

I found an interesting Mead at the local liquor store, and decided to try it. It's particularly interesting to me because it's from Poland, which is a big part of my heritage. When my great grandfather came over from Poland, he Anglicized our last name to keep it from being obviously Polish.

This particular Mead is brewed by Kasztelanski, and it is very different from the mead brewed here in the US. This mead is very similar to a Port wine, or a brandy in texture. It's quite sweet and has a wine-like character. It also tastes like it may have aged in wood at some point. This is definitely not a dinner mead. It makes a great nightcap, and has a very warming finish. I guess the Poles know how to make mead!

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Filip said...

You've tried "Trójniak" that is made of 2 portions fo water and 1 portion of honey. There are also "Dwójniak" - 1 portion of water, 1 portion of honey, and "Półtorak" - 1/2 portion of water and 1 portion of honey. "Półtorak" is said to be the best among them, although it's the hardest to make (fermentation takes longer). All meads are aged in oak barrels for some time (depends on type). You can find some info on this site