Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Tanner's Jack, by Morland

I was a little concerned about this beer, since it's in a clear bottle. I was afraid it might be skunked if it hadn't been stored properly. My fears were unfounded, and the beer was fine. The Tanner's Jack is brewed by Morland in England. The word "Jack" in this case refers to a leather tankard which was a popular container for drinking beer from in the 18th century. This beer is an English Bitter. It's a smooth malty, slightly fruity ale with a modest bitter finish. This would be a good session beer. It poured a light-colored amber with a head that was just larger than non-existent. I'd like to try this from a cask, on draft, because I imagine it would be even better.


Anonymous said...

I have not had it from a bottle, but I had it from a cask this summer in England, and it was amazing. I could not stop drinking it.

Al said...

Wow - I'm jealous! I would love to take a beer tour of England, then follow it up with a tour of Belgium, and then Germany. Thanks for your comment!