Monday, June 23, 2008

Saranac Belgian Style Ale from FX Matt

Here's another brew from my Saranac assortment pack. It's their Belgian Style Ale. Saranac is brewed by the FX Matt Brewery in Utica, NY. It poured a medium amber color, with a small white head that disappeared in minutes. It's a well-carbonated brew, like a lot of Belgians, but I would hesitate to say that this has a lot in common with Belgian brews. It's a good beer, with a nice dry finish, but I don't think Chimay has anything to worry about. I grew up in Upstate NY and we got to the FX Matt Brewery at least once each summer, so I have a lot of fond memories of the place. This was looong before Saranac was ever even thought of. Back then it was Utica Club and Maximus Super they were offering. The brewery offers a tour that is better than most, simply due to the history of the place. At the end of the tour, you're taken to their 1888 Tavern where you can sample their beers in a setting that looks like it's from the late 19th century. If you ever find yourself in Utica NY or its environs, check out the brewery.

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