Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brew Your Own Magazine

I received my July-August copy of Brew Your Own magazine a few days ago - an event I always look forward to. They always have some interesting technical articles on making beer, along with a bunch of recipes. One of the columns I like a lot is "The Replicator" in which readers write in about a beer they have discovered, and would like to re-create. The Replicator does the research on how the beer is made, and then reports the recipe for cloning said libation. This month, they have an article about brewing Melomels, or fruit meads, which is very appropriate in this household. My wife and I bought some fresh apricots at our local farmer's market, so she can create an apricot melomel, and I'll be working on an apricot wheat beer. They also have recipes for cloning some Belgian style beers made here in America, such as Ommegang Witte and Allagash Tripel. I've made a few beers using the recipes from Brew Your Own, including a clone of Celis White that turned out delicous. My only complaint about the magazine is that it's only published 8 times a year. I'd like it if they would publish one every month. If you're a homebrewer, this magazine can come in very handy.

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