Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saranac Scotch Ale from F.X. Matt

Growing up as a kid in upstate NY, my family made numerous visits to the FX Matt Brewery in Utica, NY - home of Utica Club beer. It was a fun tour, and my sisters and I always got some great root beer at the end of the tour, while my parents enjoyed samples of the stronger stuff. So, I have a soft spot for Saranac. Unfortunately, I have to rely on my sister to bring me some, since it isn't available here in Florida. This bottle came from their Christmas seasonal mix, along with 5 other Saranac brews. I really like malty brews, and Scottish Ales are a favorite. This one did not disappoint me. This was a maltier, smokier, sweeter and hoppier variation of the style than the Belhaven I reviewed a short time ago. Chalk it up to the American brewer to make a beer with more of everything. In this case, more IS more. I liked the Belhaven, but I like this one even more. Maybe it's not as "true to style", but that's fine with me. As you can see in the photo, it poured a very nice amber color with a nice beige head that lasted a long time. There is nothing better than a great beer and a great burger, and I had both tonight!

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