Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spent Grain Bread

One of the by-products of brewing beer is a nylon bag full of wet spent grain. When I brewed my Porter this past weekend, I used 22 oz of various dry grain, most of which was dark in color. I had seen recipes for bread using these boiled grains, so my wife and I decided to try some. First, we made a batch of muffins, which turned out sweet and chocolaty from the chocolate malt I used in my Porter. (The sweetness actually came from maple syrup.) We then decided to try some bread. I don't know the precise recipe because my wife threw it together. She's the kind of cook who can toss a bunch of ingredients together without any recipe, and have it turn out great. The bread turned out as dark as the muffins, but with no sugar, it was more roasty than sweet. It will be a great sandwich bread. Here's a pic of the bread rising:

And here's another pic of the baked finished product:

It was perfect with butter.

We were unable to use all the grains that I had left over from my day of brewing, but we know that they make great breads and muffins! The grains work well in beer bread too. Just add a cup of grain to the beer bread recipe I posted about here.

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