Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saranac Black Forest

Saranac's Black Forest is their version of a Bavarian style Schwarzbier - a smooth-drinking dark beer brewed using lager yeast. It poured a deep brown, almost black color with a fluffy tan head. The aroma is of caramel malt. Black Forest is easy to drink, and would be a great session beer. It's roastier than a lager due to the dark malts, and is slightly sweet as well. This went great with my dinner tonight. This bottle came from their Trail Mix assortment.


Brett said...

I really love dark German beers like Schwarzbiers and Bocks. Makes me wish more places sold these kind of beers. BTW I added your blog to my blogroll so hopefully thats cool. Keep the good work up.

Al said...

Brett, I checked out your blog, and I see you can get some beers that I've never heard of. I enjoy the dark beers too, but I try to keep it interesting by tasting a little bit of everything. Alas, so many beers, so little time.... Thanks for adding my blog to your list, I will return the favor. Too bad we can't swap a few beers back and forth!